1. a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool.
2. a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs: the maelstrom of early morning traffic.

There has always been one rule: The divine may not interfere with the mortals. That was the will of the All-Father, Kaylisits.

Of course, there are always cheaters.

And exceptions.


Merton has always been known as a city of splendors. The lava that flows down from Mount Flame Tongue provides the city with a unique series of rivers that give the area an eerie glow that tends to disturb outsiders. The houses and buildings are created from the lava stone and the city has more of a dwarven atmosphere then that of a human city. Governed by Alton Greenbottle, the gnomish high magi of fire, the city is a myriad of fiery fountains and displays of burning radiance.

It is here that you began your journey. You came to the city of Merton is western Cethanol seeking employment. Waking in a tavern called the Burning Plain Inn, you woke to a common room that was nearly empty. A quick conversation with the bartender gave you an invitation to a sporting drinking contest that draws gamblers throughout the city to watch people choke down bitter black, the most vile ale ever produced and a favourite of former Praetor Levian Drel. Your necromancer soon wanted to visit the graveyard to seek new specimans to add to his collection and so you set off.

Within the graveyard a gnome was pleading with the priests to hear his claim. After he was rejected, the party approached and learned that he was the apprentice of the High Magi Alton Green Bottle, a spry thing called Guildroy. Guildroy spoke of a faction that sought to disrupt a very important ceremony in Merton and the party was charged with the task of preventing them from interfering.

Travelling to the docks, the party began seeking the source of the commotion. They quickly spotted a large created that paid an undisclosed price for a cart full of corpses. The party intervened and discovered the creature to be an ogre that had entered the town.

A fierce battle ensued and on the corpse of the ogre, a paper containing an address was found. The party returned to Guildroy and reported the information, but Guildroy was uninterested in hearsay leads and so the party was forced to gather more information. Travelling to the address the ogre’s corpse provided, the party found the corpses were food for a large contingency of ghouls.

The party entered the establishment and fought against the inhabitants, culminating in a battle against a barghest. Upon the barghest, the party found a note (See items) that suggested they were but a diversion in a greater plan.

An Ocean of Anxiett

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