The Bureau of Taste

The Bureau of Taste was founded by Adventurer turned chef, Gaston Hubert, a half elf from Eddinval. During a prolonged travel through the Wilds, Gaston’s companions were plagued by hunger and some were lost to starvation. Before he himself succame to hunger, Gaston found some strange creature lying dead in a small grove. Having never seen the animal before, he was unsure if it would prove edible, but in his food deprived state, he decided to bring it to camp and use it to feed himself and his remaining companions.

The meat in question, basilisk meat, turned out to be tough and tasteless, but to Gaston and his men, it was the most decadent feast imaginable. When the troupe finally returned to Eddinval, Gaston vowed that he would never let an adventurer go hungry again and he formed a travelling caravan which he used to travel after adventuring groups throughout the land and provide cooked provisions to starving travelers who have been reduced to consuming trail rations.

The success of this venture was overwhelming and soon Gaston was forced to hire other workers and arrange for more carts to travel into the wilderness. Eventually, Gaston was forced to stop travelling in order to manage these carts full time. He set up an office in Ironblight and soon found his offices surrounded by chefs who wished to assist him.

Over the next several years the scope of the effort expanded throughout Jacintha, Doryash and Cethanol and soon Gaston needed to set up regional offices throughout Maelstrom. These offices continued to attract cooking talent and each one eventually became something between a restaurant of the finest quality and a place where chefs would hone their skill to perfection. This is The Bureau of Taste.

The current Master Chef of the Bureau is Almein Kalinestia, an elven maiden who operates out of the Ironblight branch. Entry level chefs are tested with a three day challenge where they are required to gather top quality ingredients and then cook, in less than two hours, a high quality meal. The test is overseen by one Executive level chef and three journeymen who evaluate the meal and decide if a candidate is eligible for entry. To move up to a journeymen, a chef must acquire a legendary ingrediate which is an ingredient considered to be extremely rare but of the highest quality and taste (for example a cockatrice tongue). Once an acceptable number of legendary ingrediants have been handed over to the guild, they will begin their journeyman test.

Example of legendary ingrediants:
Cockatrice tounge
Dragon steaks
Elven Gold Wheat
Shimmering salt
Apples from the Great Tree
Deadswamp mushrooms
Bloodmire wild onions

The Bureau of Taste

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